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Miss Coles County Fair Queen Pageant

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Official Rules and Regulations

We welcome you as a participant in the Miss Coles County Fair Queen Pageant. The Coles County Fair is the oldest agricultural exposition in the State of Illinois. Its Fair Queen Pageant has a long and rich history of presenting elegant and beautiful young women from Coles County and the surrounding areas. In order to protect the integrity of the Fair Pageant and in honor of the tradition of the many preceding Coles County Fair Queens, the rules and regulations are stated. Please read these rules carefully. It will be presumed that you understand them as you move through the Queen Pageant process.

  1. Life status: To be a contestant for the Miss Coles County Fair Queen Pageant, you must be a minimum of 17 years old by the pageant date and must not turn 22 years old before January 1st of the following year. You must be single, never married, have never had a marriage annulled, and have never been pregnant.
  2. Residence: You must be a U.S. citizen, and a resident of Coles County or reside in the following community unit school districts: Charleston #1, Mattoon #2, and Oakland #5. You may instead be a resident of an adjoining county if that county does not have a county fair queen pageant. If you are a student at Eastern Illinois University or Lakeland College you must submit proof of enrollment if your parent or guardian does not reside in the pageant service area.
  3. Fee: A $25 entry fee is required, made payable to Coles County Fair.
  4. Disqualifications: Former county fair queens are not eligible to participate in the pageant as contestants. Each contestant must never have been charged or convicted of a felony offense, crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. Any contestant with illegal/negative photos or information posted on public websites will be disqualified.
  5. As a contestant you agree to:
    1. Attend all rehearsals unless excused by a director.
    2. Be personally interviewed by the judges.
    3. Appear in business suit, bathing suit and evening gown.
    4. Present a one-minute speech and answer a pop question on stage.
    5. Remove all body piercings and have all tattoos covered the day of the pageant.
  6. Appearance as Miss Coles County: If the entrant wins the title of Miss Coles County, all body piercings will be removed and tattoos covered at all events where she is attending on behalf of the Coles County Fair Queen Pageant.
  7. Fair Hostess: The newly selected queen will serve as hostess to the Coles County Fair, which will run Sunday through Sunday following her crowning on Sunday evening. She will open the fair for the following year before she relinquishes her crown.
  8. Assigned Chaperone: At all events, the Queen will be chaperoned by someone appointed by the Committee. No friends may accompany the Queen or members of her Court at those events. The Queen will not partake of any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and will not smoke while performing her duties as Miss Coles County Fair Queen.
  9. Photo Release: The pageant winner agrees to allow the Pageant Directors and the Coles County Fair Association to use her picture or likeness on posters, websites, and other promotional materials as shall be determined solely by the Coles County Pageant Directors.
  10. Approved Photos: All personal appearances, photo sessions, and picture releases as Miss Coles County Fair must be approved in advance by the Pageant Directors.
  11. Exclusivity: The Queen Pageant winner agrees that she will not enter any other pageants during the period of her reign.
  12. Miss Illinois Pageant: If chosen as Miss Coles County Fair, you will agree to compete in the Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant. A chaperone will be designated by the Coles County Pageant Directors. All competition attire will be approved by the Pageant Directors before it is worn in the state competition. The Pageant requires a considerable amount of practice, preparation and expense. The rules and regulations, as may be from time to time adopted by the Pageant Directors, shall be strictly followed.
  13. Disqualification as Queen: In case of marriage or any other event that results in the Queen being unable to perform the obligations of the position for the entire year, the pageant winner agrees to relinquish the title and all privileges of said title including but not limited to the crown, banner, scepter, trophy and prizes not yet awarded by the date of her resignation, if so requested by the Pageant Directors and/or the Coles County Fair Association Officers. In the event of a vacancy in the position of Miss Coles County Fair Queen, the next eligible runner-up shall be appointed. The Pageant Directors and the Coles County Fair Association reserve the right to disqualify Miss Coles County Fair Queen at any time at the Pageant Directors’ or the Fair Association’s sole discretion.

Clothing Requirements for Coles County Fair Queen Pageant

 Evening Gown

  • Full ankle length
  • No cut outs in stomach area
  • Choose a color that looks great on you. There is no need to purchase a gown for this pageant. Many girls will wear their prom dresses or borrow a dress from a friend.


  • One piece swimsuits only!
  • Make sure it covers in all areas of body
  • No cut outs in the stomach area
  • Taupe colored shoes are required with swimsuits
  • No White Swimsuits
  • Suit with plunging necklines or are too high on the hips are not allowed

Business Suit

  • Length of skirt must touch knee when standing
  • Choose the best color, as this is the first time the judges will see you
  • Panty hose are required during the interview and on stage when in your business suit
  • You may wear taupe heels or heels that match your business suit

Miss Coles County Application

All clothing, shoes, and jewelry must be approved by the Pageant Directors!

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Beginning two weeks before the fair:
12 - 5p Monday - Saturday

During the fair:
7a - 9p daily

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